Friday, 20 June 2014

The Final 10!

I had another visit with my family doctor today. Everything is still right on track and my body and the babies are doing what they should be. That's definitely a blessing. Considering all twin pregnancies are considered "high risk", I've had a very low complication high risk pregnancy thus far.  My glucose test came back good so I don't have to worry about gestational diabetes.  My blood pressure has remained low (90/40 today) which I think is too low, but she's very happy about.  Better to be low than high. Just means I'm more tired and get dizzy fairly easily.  The babies hearts both sound great! Mason had to come with me for a check up too and it was so special to see him hear the babies. He even stopped playing with the blood pressure cuff for half a minute!  I forgot to ask how big I'm measuring. I'm 27 weeks tomorrow but I think I'm measuring about 33 weeks.  

  If you didn't know me, you'd just think I am carrying one baby in this big tummy, but due in a month or so. I've been getting lots of questions of when I'm due and "You must be ready to pop soon".  It's somewhat humorous to  tell them I still have almost 3 months to go.  Then I pause and THEN I tell them I'm carrying twins. Most people start laughing. It's the reaction I've come to expect.  I work for a pancreatic & hepatobiliary surgeon so we see a lot of people who are in a very difficult season of life. Just yesterday I had a couple come in who we treated in the past but he now has a recurrence of his cancer.  It's such a difficult road to walk once, let alone a second time. Many people don't even get the chance of a second time.  Anyways, they seemed resigned to what they are going to go through again and when leaving, asked how much longer I had until the baby would come. I told them late August early September and watched their eyes get big like saucers. Then I said that I'm expecting twin girls and they both had the biggest smiles light up their faces.  It made me so happy that I can make them smile on such a difficult day. The wife even commented that she got the shivers when I said twins.  They were both really excited and I felt like I may have lifted their moods a bit and brought a piece of joy to them that day.  Most people are so excited when they find out you're having a baby, and having two is no exception.  I'm really going to miss my job while I'm gone. I've asked for and have been granted a 2 year leave so that I can be there for my kids.  I'm so thankful to have employers who understand and put their families first as well.  It's making such a difference knowing I have somewhere so wonderful to return to.  I'll definitely miss my patients and miss walking people through a very difficult journey.  I've been a listener and confidante, an encourager, a source of support and I'm so very grateful to God for putting me in such a place.  If I'm not home with my family, it is the next best place to be.  I love that I can help people in these tough situations. 

Bit of a rabbit trail there.

Anyways things are going really well with the pregnancy. I have three weeks of work left, then the big move (which I have no idea how I'll be ready for, but have had sooo many offers of help! Feeling blessed.) Tomorrow is a baby shower for the girls so that's something I am looking forward to as well. 

Two appointments next week. 5th Ultrasound and my second visit with the OBGYN. Then on Friday we're heading out to a lake for a houseboat weekend and I get to celebrate my little girl's 3rd birthday! Where does the time go? 

Here's the pregnancy trivia I know y'all have been waiting for:

Fun facts (or not so fun) for pregnancy week 27

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much everything. Maxi dresses are great. So glad they're in style right now. I can wear non-maternity maxi dresses. 

Sleep: Pretty decent.  Unfortunately, the nighttime trips to the loo have resumed. Also had a few very scary nightmares, usually dealing with losing one of the twins.

Food cravings/Aversions: Not sure about this right now.  I've had a bit of nausea again in the afternoons. I can't seem to get enough nectarines though. Cannot wait for cherries to be ready!

Weight Gain: I'm actually not sure on this one. I think I've gained about 25lbs.

Gender: Twin GIRLS!

Belly button in/out: Out.  I have a small umbilical hernia too that's not helping with the outie.

Symptoms: Easily tired out.  Lots of hip and low back pain.  The RMT that I'm seeing said unfortunately nothing is really going to help from here on out. Thinking about not going for massage anymore and putting it towards house improvements instead :)

Best Moment of the Week: Getting a good result from the glucose test, getting my hair trimmed and then curled. Made me feel pretty :)

What I'm Looking Forward To: The baby shower tomorrow :)  Seeing my girls on the ultrasound Wednesday, Lucia's birthday and houseboat weekend with the Casorso family (and hopefully a stop at Dutchman Dairy for ice cream). Lots of fun to be had before the real work of packing/moving gets too serious!

Blessings on you and your families!