Saturday, 31 May 2014

24 weeks!

Today marks 24 weeks! Every day brings us further past the halfway mark and closer to the goal! If all goes well, I have 13ish weeks left to carry these babies.  From what my OBGYN tells me, 37 weeks is optimal and the longest they'll let me carry is 38 weeks.  Fortunately (or unfortunately?) for me, the next 13 weeks are SUMMER! I love summer, BUT being pregnant during an Okanagan summer is....challenging. It's hot to say the least.  Good thing for me, I have a kiddie pool and a fairly private yard so me and my whale-esque figure can lounge half submerged in my kids' pool.

I had an ultrasound on Friday and as far I know, everything is looking good.  I had a great tech who was quick and efficient. She showed me the girls' hearbeats actually beating (which is pretty cool to see!) and I could see them kicking each other - feet to feet.

Tuesday, May 27th I had another visit to my family doctor. Things are progressing well. I'm measuring 30 weeks, which is normal.  The babies heartrates were both 155 and sounding good.  My blood pressure was again low, which accounts for my lightheadedness.  She's happy with that though. Better low than high!

I've started taking weekly photos. I bought this chalkboard for my kids for Easter, but I've sort of commandeered it from them for my own use ;)

This was 23 weeks. 

And today at 24 weeks.  

Time for some fun facts:

Fun facts (or not so fun) for pregnancy week 24
Maternity Clothes: Pretty much everything. Maxi dresses are great. So glad they're in style right now. I can wear non-maternity maxi dresses. 

Sleep: Pretty decent.  Unfortunately, the nighttime trips to the loo have resumed.

Food cravings/Aversions: I've had a thing for ice cream lately...

Weight Gain:
 22 pounds! Right on track.

Gender: Twin GIRLS!

Belly button in/out: Out.  I have a small umbilical hernia too that's not helping with the outie.

Symptoms: Easily tired out.  Lots of hip and low back pain.  Less nausea - I cut back to two pills at bedtime now, so that's great! I've been able to use that "extra money" to get a massage once a month. Hopefully that will help with the back and hip pain.

Best Moment of the Week: Visually seeing the girls' heartbeats.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Not too sure about this one. I'm just trying to get through each day right now.  We have a lot coming up in the next couple of months. Both Lucia and Mason's birthdays, a garage sale, houseboat trip, painting the "new" house, and moving! That's all before the babies come.  So just taking it day by day for now. 

That's all for now!


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  1. So nice to hear how things are going! Make sure you get lots of help (especially with moving) and keep your expectations low for all the events coming up. You're looking adorable!!