Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bubbling Over

It's happened! I had my first REAL gush of excitement and heart flutters.  I was just resting and thinking about baby names. At our church, whenever a baby is born, they have a photo of the baby with its name to introduce it to the church family. I was thinking about the names we have picked out (so far) and about introducing our babies to the church family when my heart started fluttering and I got all giddy.

I know it's a little thing, but it's something. And I'm grateful.

I become more and more attached to these babies every day. Emotionally that is because I am physically attached to them already!

Lots of people have been asking how I'm feeling. I start to think I'm feeling better and then kind of relapse. I'm noticing a lot more aches and pains earlier on this round and finding walking to be really uncomfortable.  My next appointment is Monday so I'll have some more questions answered hopefully.  Thursday this coming week I'll get another look at how our babies are growing as I have my cone ultrasound on Thursday. I'll post some photos if we get some good views.

We decided to find out the babies' genders, but that won't be until the end of the month I think. We have something really fun planned for the gender reveal so stay tuned for that!

I've been reading some other expectant twin blogs and have seen this feature on a couple and thought it was cute.

Fun facts (or not so fun) for pregnancy week 15!

Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants, some shirts. Need long shirts if they aren't maternity. JP's thirst are great for around the house ;)

Sleep: decent so far. Lots of rolling from side to side.

Food cravings/Aversions: Fruit and grease. Aversions to things I've had to see twice. Oatmeal, penne noodles.

Gender: Planning to find out beginning of May.

Belly button in/out: Both at times. Depends if I'm standing or laying.

Symptoms: still nauseous/vomiting. Sore under belly, really tired and easily fatigued.

Best Moment of the Week: feeling EXCITED!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Some more energy, less nausea, upcoming GP appt and ultrasound! I need to hear those heartbeats again!

That's all for now! I'll have some pics next post!


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